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Yale Puts Music Before Finals; Pt. Two

02 December 2011 -

The band Free Advice boards a train with fellow songwriter Anthony Da Costa bound for New Haven. Yale University’s sweethearts Plume Giant had organized a winter showcase inside Dwight Chapel a old building that was formerly a campus library.

Plume Giant brought out-of-towners Pearl and the Beard, and the duo Free Advice to a cosy space with warm apple cider and a room of weary students who were all “just trying to get through finals.” Christmas lights hung from pillar to pillar and a student visual artist, Andrew Sotirou hung his work before anyone took the stage.

Free Advice opened the night microphone-less and set the tone for the acts to come. Though Pearl and the Beard is no newcomer to the scene, the textures and dynamics of their music is emotional, not emo (though its been known to make grown men weep). Plume Giant’s thoughtful harmonic compositions brought the evening to a wonderful head. The student-fans showed their support as fellow songwriter Anthony Da Costa joined them for their last number, a cover of ‎"Evangeline" by The Band.

What unfolded that evening left everyone wondering why nights with such an honest approach aren't more common: hot cider, vocal harmonies, and Christmas lights can make anyone feel a bit magical.