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esty stein
Dead Horse Bay

If you ever have the time, take a trip to Dead Horse Bay located far out in Brooklyn.

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An Olive Branch

Check out my latest project with inspiration, images, and instructions: an embroidered pendant and botanical illustration of an olive branch.

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New Years Day Art-Opening-Brunch!

Norte Maar, the adorable little ground floor apartment-esque gallery off the Jefferson stop in Bushwick is starting off the New Year with an unheard of (at least to me) brunch opening, with champagne. This sounds a bit too cute to miss.

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Laura Dunn and the Ghosts o...
Laura Dunn and the Ghosts of Xmas Past at Bar East

This Thursday! A creepy folk cabaret comes to Bar East.

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Bushwick Daily Holiday Party - 12.16.11
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One Week In the West

One Week In The West

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Bushwick Daily Holiday Party [Photos]

The party was simply amazing! We celebrated in the loving home atmosphere of Paper Swan Loft with amazing writers reading, tremendous bands playing and lovely art hanging, in the company of friends and the dear ones.

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How to Decorate a X-mas Tree in 60 seconds...

This is how:

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Animal Textures

Children drawing animals! Check out some of my favorite student artworks.

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Kerri Lowe Seems Happy About Reaching $2,200!

We were happy to contribute $30 to "Kerri Lowe's South for the Winter Project!" And now it appears that Kerri is the happiest one of all (as she should be) after reaching her goal of $2,200! We love the video that she uploaded giving thanks to her supporters and showing her pure joy! Congrats KL!