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Rayvon Browne - 'Rayvon Browne'

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Rayvon Browne - 'Rayvon Browne'
Rayvon Browne - 'Rayvon Browne'
Rayvon Browne is a sort-of psychadelic folk trio (and by folk, we sort-of mean "of the people"). The New York Times called Morgan a "ukulele virtuoso" and the New Yorker magazine said something about Cal's chanteuse-like stellar stage presence. Joel is an excellent upright bass player and all-around good guy.
released 11 December 2011
Recorded at Basement Floods Records by Alex P. Wernquest and David Coit in Kensington, Brooklyn. Joel Kruzic; upright bass and guitar. Morgan Heringer; ukulele and vocals. Cal Folger Day; guitar, mandolin, piano and vocals
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