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New Performing Arts Festival Brings Brooklyn Arts Community Together Through Conversation and Collaboration

Background and Information

Vis-à-Vis was started by several recent graduates of SUNY Purchase College along with members of the Brooklyn arts community. These working artists and arts administrators wanted to create a festival that inspires as well as grants visibility toward the young, under the radar working artists in New York City. It takes bravery for these young artists to pursue their passions and we are excited to be able to pay them for work. All profits were raised at a benefit concert at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge in Bushwick (see articles below about the benefit) and via Rocket Hub (online crowd-funding source) raising over $3,500. The festival is non-profit and all funds go toward paying the artists who perform and producing the show. One of the festival’s key missions is to pull away from traditional performances and offer a whimsical, audience-inclusive experience similar to that of a visual art gallery without the stop and start of traditional performances by dancers, musicians, and spoken word artists. All festival-goers will be free to watch and participate in performances and the talk backs throughout all three nights.


The project is a three-night celebration from June 7-9, 2012 which syndicates conversation and collaboration and will be held at three different DIY venues throughout the Williamsburg and Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn. The project is sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery, McClure’s Pickles, and Reyka.


[connect] Friday, June 8, 2012 – 8:00 PM, at Brooklyn Fireproof 119 Ingraham Street Brooklyn, NY (Between Porter Ave and Knickerbocker Ave, Morgan L train) Free event: Night two features the Mutant Collectives workshop with Nsumi Collective, discussing the possibilities in artist run spaces and futuristic artistic groups. Visual art is curated by Jen Hitchings and features artists from collective’s illPinto, INC and Brick and Mortar from Bushwick. Performances by Matthew Vorzimer the eCUSSIONIST, visual installation with dance collaboration by Co Lab [Experiments in Collaboration], and DJ Peter Fonda will be featured later in the evening. Come early for a drink special sponsored by Reyka Vodka from 8:30-9:30 PM.


[collaborate] Saturday, June 9, 2012 – 8:00 PM, held at House of Yes 342 Maujer Street Brooklyn, NY (Between Morgan Ave and Waterbury Street, Grand L train) $10-15 sliding scale door price: Night three is an interdisciplinary performance featuring under the radar dancers, musicians, spoken word artists, and filmmakers collaborating to create a unique performance, amplifying the absurdity in celebration rituals. Artists include:


Music: Jangula, Archie Pelago, ELSA and the awesomeAWESOMES, and Suge Knight Shyamalan.

(BROOKLYN, NEW YORK) The Vis-á-Vis Project is a new performing arts festival and social experience which

celebrates and empowers the groundbreaking work of arts collectives, artists, and DIY venues that have emerged

from the various arts communities and neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York.

Festival Details


[converse] Thursday, June 7, 2012 – 8:00 PM, at Vaudeville Park 26 Bushwick Ave Brooklyn, NY (at Devoe

St. and Bushwick Ave, Graham L train) Free event: The Symposium: Let’s talk about collaboration! Night one of

the festival provides a platform for different artists in Brooklyn to meet other working artists, curators, and creators in

Brooklyn. Please come contribute to a talk back about collaboration, be able to converse with a diverse panel of

artists and space owners in Brooklyn including: Ian Colletti (space owner, Vaudeville Park), Valerie Kuehne (Ladies

of Experimental Music), Esther Neff (The Panoply Performance Laboratory), Veronica Doughurty (Madagascar

Institute) and Beth Gilfilen (Morsel Gallery).

Dance: Nora Petroliunas, Allison Jones Dance, and RoadWork.

Spoken Word: Corrina Bain, Joyce LeeAnn and Bogar Alonso.