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The 5 Year Anniversary Part II - 12.15.12

12/15- 20:00
America/New York
The 5 Year Anniversary Part II - 12.15.12
Saturday, December 15 • 8pm-1am

We've decided to host a series of shows December to mark our 5th Anniversary at the Swan Loft.  Our next event is this Saturday with Water Child (http://josephhein.bandcamp.com) a side project from Crumbs, a band from Washinton state who rocked the loft last year with one of the most inspiring rhythmic performances we've ever hosted.  

The show also features Calum Ingram (http://www.calumingram.com) Chris Faroe (http://chrisfaroe.com) and the rocking Gio Safari to end the night (www.myspace.com/giosafari).  Please join us at the Swan Loft this weekend and feel free to bring a friend.

Show starts at 8:00pm at The Swan Loft: 260 Moore St #301