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Rayvon Browne Cassette Release - 5.18.12

05/18- 20:00
America/New York
Rayvon Browne Cassette Release - 5.18.12
Friday, May 18 · 8:00pm-2:00am

from the kind folks at Rayvon Browne:

we are the hissing swans of pop music, and we are really as pleased as a punch in the gut to bring unto you 'COMPANION', our second cassette of recordings.

it features the original songs of morgan heringer and cal folger day, the pluck & bow of joel kruzic, plus some rat-tat-tat-ing of dave coit and root-toot-tooting of sarah stanley. produced by alex penman and dave coit of basement floods records in kensington, brooklyn, and recorded all live in the studio onto 8-track tape. artwork and hand-designed packaging, including limited edition tinted cassette, by cal folger day. the cassette includes three (3) complimentary & hi-fi digital downloads via bandcamp.

this event also serves as a broken champagne bottle to these maidens' voyage abroad, for a tour this may and june in germany and england!

in the spirit of travel, our festivalian line-up includes johnny miles and honey watts who are touring acts from philly, ohio's supermarket troubadour andrew choi, as well as local benjamins pagano and seretan.

the paper swan loft is quite an excellent perch. no cover charge at the door; stay tuned for drinks pricing. we will pass the hat for each band, so please be ready to be generous. a physical copy of COMPANION will be available for $TEN DOLLARS, and the download will be available on rayvonbrowne.bandcamp.com for $eight.

we certainly hope to see you all there.