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Paper Swan Show at Union Hall - 7.16.11

07/16- 10:00
America/New York
Paper Swan Show at Union Hall - 7.16.11
Saturday, July 16, 10pm-2am

Our fourth event at Union Hall should be our best! They gave us a Saturday night without a curfew! FREE SHOW!

Austin McCutchen

Free Advice
Ben Seretan
The Read Letters

Austin has been tearing it up lately! We caught hold of his music a couple months ago and have been keeping an eye on him ever since. He delighted the crowd last week at the Jalopy with his old-timey country tunes. Red Hook has never sounded so much like Nashville, and we're so excited to be bringing Austin and his band to Park Slope for the same purpose. 

Free Advice recently got written up on Go Folk Yourself so go read that article.

Ben Seretan plays his guitar in cello tuning.