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'Paper Swan Presents' Premiere Party - 4.3.14

04/03- 21:00
America/New York
'Paper Swan Presents' Premiere Party - 4.3.14
Thursday, April 3, 2014 • 9pm-1am

Free Advice • Will Stratton • Jackson Lynch • Kerri Lowe • Cal Folger Day • Twain • Gann Matthews • Kendy Gable • Jason Zucker • Brian Fitzsousa • Isaac Gillespie

Where can you see all of these performers in one night? At the 'Paper Swan Presents' Premiere Party!!!

We've got a new TV show and so we're throwing a party! Check out our first episode here:


So come on down to Jalopy on Thursday, April 3 and hear incredible music from some of our favorite artists:

9:00 Isaac Gillespie
9:20 Jason Zucker
9:40 Kerri Lowe
10:00 Will Stratton
10:20 Kendy Gable
10:40 Brian Fitzsousa
11:00 Twain (Mat Davidson)
11:20 Cal Folger Day
11:40 Jackson Lynch
12:00 Gann Matthews
12:20 Free Advice

Don't miss it! $5 for 11 sets!