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Paper Swan Loft Party - 5.14.11

05/14- 21:00
America/New York
Saturday, May 14, 2011 - 9pm-2am

Dear friends,

It's finally happened - the management of 260 Moore St LLC, coupled with the brute force of the NYPD has shut down the Paper Swan Loft.  They contacted us today, before our May 14th show ever took place....and I guess it was about time.  We've been here three and a half years, and we've have witnessed some of New York's finest music in our living room.
The hair that broke the camel's back was actually the graffiti (not the noise)...people have always been writing on walls in NYC but what can you do? So We're closing Swan Loft!

They did however agree to let us throw one last party this Saturday; and its my 26th birthday - I'm in my late 20's (which for the record does not mean that I'm going to stop playing music, or putting on shows) its time to say goodbye...

saturday, May 14 - last show ever at swan loft + Travis and Bailey's birthday
cuddle magic • cal folger day • the appleseed collective • scott rudd

So for the last time this Saturday, let's have a great time and celebrate the end of a home that's fostered such profound music and an artistic community that's really helped me define who I am as a human, the Swan Loft.  (not to get over emotional) but I feel like telling the Management to check out all the incredible artists that have performed at here (http://www.vimeo.com/paperswan), but I'm not sure they understand that sort of thing.

So at the end of the year, we're gonna look for a new home. And in the meantime, we're organizing tons of community events, fundraisers for charity, and concerts....they just won't take place in our house.

Its time for the Swan to fly on...