we are paper swan!
artists supporting artists through events, web content, and more.


Paper Swan is a Brooklyn-based production collective whose mission is to build a community of artists through events, provide a forum for ideas, help friends network, and create web and video content.

We've been a Brooklyn-based artist collective since 2007. We used to put on concerts at our old house in Bushwick, which we called the Swan Loft. We had some pretty incredible performers come through there, and we're proud of the community that we've helped build over these 6 incredible years.

Now we have our own TV show and organize concerts at other venues around the city.
Enjoy the website!

Here's what people are saying to/about us:

"Some of the sweetest and most genuine sounds to come out of Brooklyn these past few years have been bluegrass-based... This little grassroots scene has been growing ever more lush, thanks to such local promoters as Paper Swan." -Time Out New York

"Paper Swan is a collective of artists and musicians who support each other through live events and posting their performances on the web through their website... They are dedicated skilled musicians and artists. These are people who take their craft seriously."
-Red Hook Star-Revue

"Once upon a time there was this amazing place called Bushwick where places like Paper Swan Loft exist... The Swan guys say that even babies like acoustic music, and the atmosphere of their loft is truly magical." -Bushwick Daily

"Paper Swan is a group of fine folks that you need to familiarize yourself with. They're based in Bushwick, Brooklyn and make wonderful music, videos, events, and other things like that."  -Anthony da Costa

"We're happy to call Paper Swan friends. They have some excellent taste in music."
-Mike Savino (Tall Tall Trees)

"I had such a wonderful time at your party on Friday, you don't even know. It was like a fresh blast of home feeling when you needed it most. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way."
-Isaac Gillespie (The Due Diligence)

"Thank you all for inviting me to play at the loft on Friday night. It's always magical to play in that space. The crowd and vibe were fantastic, and of course, the other bands were incredible." -Kendy Gable

"It was such a lovely evening. You guys have created such a wonderful community of musicians and artists." -Melaena Cadiz