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Paper Swan Presents • Episode 4

On this episode, we have film composer and songwriter Julian Cassia in the studio. We also met up with Spirit Family Reunion at their studio in Coney Island, and we've got highlights from our show at Jalopy.

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Julian Cassia Interview

Julian Cassia is a film composer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. We talked to him about how he got into film scoring and his band, Semitic Genetic.

In the Studio with Spirit Family Reunion

We hung out with Spirit Family Reunion at their studio in Coney Island where they are recording their second full-length album. They showed us around the neighborhood and performed a tune for us as well.

In the Studio with Julian

We visited Julian at his home studio in Greenpoint, and he did a little recording demonstration for us.

Julian Cassia - "Cankerous Pessimist"

Julian performed a new Semitic Genetic tune, called "Cankerous Pessimist." The man has some range (and rage), and lucky for us, he didn't hold back on this one.

Paper Swan at Jalopy Highlights

We celebrated our new TV show with a premiere party at the Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook. Here are some highlights from that very special evening.

Julian Cassia Inspirations

Julian shared his list of inspirations, including Django Reinhardt, Bob Marley, Nirvana, and even one non-musician who inspired him as a lyricist.